When we first saw this, we were like.. wait, is this real? But it’s fur real. It might even be the purr-fect addition to your schedule of fun next week.

The Amazing Acro-Cats, a group that has been featured by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Show among others, is coming to the Jam Handy on Grand Boulevard with shows running through October 20-24.

This is a two part show of four legged performers (and, apparently, at times, one chicken). The first part is cat tricks – stuff that you probably couldn’t convince your home cat to do even if you tried really, really hard. The second is a rock band show, with cats on the instruments. Take a paws and think about that.

In the promo materials we’re told – and in the video we included above, the show will have:

A cat walking a tightrope, a cat balancing and roll on a ball across the floor, a cat riding a skateboard – Alley the cat is even a Guiness world record holder and more acro-catic entertainment.


The second part, the grand finale, will be an all-cat band, Tuna and the Rock Cats. The current band lineup is Tuna on Cowbell, Oz on guitar, Asti on Drums, and Nue on keyboard, all purrr-forming on real instruments. Currently, the chicken pictured is not scheduled to appear. 

These acrobatic cats, according to the organizers, are trained with positive reinforcement clicker training only.

Founder Samantha Martin has not only rescued her own cats but also, though these efforts, have found homes for more than 180 cats and kittens.

Now, this is absurdity will also support charitable causes. The idea is to raise awareness for animal adoption and care. A portion of the proceeds will benefit local TNR and rescue efforts for Feral Kitty Trappers and Motor City Rescue.

Tickets for the event are available here. The Jam Handy is located at 2900 E. Grand Boulevard in Detroit.

Editor’s note: Yes, there are cat puns in this post. We figured it was our creative purrrrrview.

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