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A Hollywood film director makes a giant splash at the Oscar Awards when he says Shinola is “saving Detroit” and the interweb asplodes. We talk about what that ridiculous, off-the-cuff comment means about the city and its nascent comeback.

There’s a lot more news to be had on today’s episode. We also discuss that Medium blog post announcing a new bodega — that’s essentially New York City parlance for “party store” — for the hard-hit Russell Woods neighborhood on Detroit’s west side. It’ll reportedly be part of a larger development, and the post ends with the hashtag, #MakeTheHoodGreatAgain.

Also on today’s show:

  • Notorious Detroit landlord Dennis Keffalinos has the building that formerly housed El Zocalo on Bagley Avenue in Mexicantown – DetNews
  • The Canadian government aims to waive tolls for cyclists using the Gordie Howe International Bridge – CBC
  • The Fonz is coming to Motor City Comic Con
  • Dearborn gets a nod as one of the top suburban, uh, suburbs in the country in which to eat – Thrillist
  • Detroit City FC will take on the Bucks, which have moved to Flint, in a final preseason friendly
  • Oakland County downtowns and businesses can apply for $2,500 matching small-business grants through a county program
  • Mardi Gras is coming, and along with it, PAZCKI and assorted festivities – SIGN UP

As always, thanks for listening. We love you.

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