If you have been checking out the Shinola website recently you might have noticed a new women’s watch being featured, “The Gail.”


Shinola was inspired by Emily Gail the creator of the “Say Nice Things About Detroit” motto from the late 1970’s.

Before there were shirts emblazoned with Pure Detroit, Everybody vs. Detroit, and De2Roit (thank you Detroiters!) there was the “Say Nice Things About Detroit” shirts and bumper stickers.

The idea was more than just a simple motto. Emily Gail, the one time owner of three shops in the city including an office supply store in the Penobscot building,  also started the Emily Run, which took people through the streets of downtown Detroit. She highlighted the city, when the majority of the people would just come in for work and then walk right to their car and leave for their suburban lives.

“The Gail is a celebration of the positivity and pride Emily had back then that still exists today,” said Daniel Caudill, Shinola’s Creative Director. “It’s a nod to the people who, like her, continue to make Detroit great.

There are five different styles in The Gail line. They all have an  Argonite 715 Quartz Movement, features an intricate detail on the dial, a coin edge bezel and a mother of pearl on the crown.

Seeing as this is Shinola, The Gail is going to be up there in price. The watches start at $650 and go up to $900.

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