It’s part of a quickly redeveloping Cass and Peterboro – a new beer store, tattoo shop, a bike shop, the Peterboro restaurant, Canine to Five – and soon, along Peterboro street, a hive of culinary activity made of shipping containers.

You might remember this project being called “Detroit ShipYard,” but thanks to naming dispute with a brewery in Maine, Shipyard Brewing, who threatened legal action against the Detroit startup, it’s now called the Detroit Shipping Company, and they’re looking for a couple of vendors for their mixed use space.

We got in touch with one of their realtor reps, Ben Rosenzweig, and here are the details.

If you’re not familiar with the project, they are building a food hall venue with two bars, a stage, room for pop up shops and five restaurants. It’s exact address will be 474 Peterboro in Detroit.

Each restaurant will be in a shipping container, and the patrons will eat/ drink / watch a performance in the common area in the center. See the tentative floor plan below.


They are looking for unique, chef-driven food vendors who love food and who foodies will love.

“We want diverse food options in the space, so you won’t see food styles duplicated – every vendor will have an exclusive on their cuisine,” said Rosenzweig via email.

So there you go. Here’s your chance to have your Detroit culinary dream shop in a shipping container. Get in touch with them here.

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