Protests have continued to take place in Detroit, but early Sunday, things got ugly downtown. There, police in riot gear took an aggressive tack against marchers from Detroit Will Breathe who had shut down Woodward Avenue to traffic, shoving protesters and clubbing others who had their backs turned and were walking away. Tear gas and pepper spray were also used.

Police Chief James Craig said Monday there was no way he would allow what he called a “Seattle-type zone of lawlessness” in Detroit and defended the actions of officers. Still, others say the crackdown on peaceful protesters went way beyond the pale. State Sen. Stephanie Chang, a Detroit Democrat, joins us to discuss why she thinks an independent investigation is neeeded.

In other news, United Shore is among three Detroit-area employers fined last week for violating COVID-19 safety protocols with employees. The state says the company held meetings with more than 120 people seated less than 6 feet apart, with no face masks required.

  • Dan Gilbert is now the 15th richest man in the world, per Forbes
  • Kim Gibbs, a former member of the Royal Oak City Commission who made headlines after attending an anti-lockdown protest in Lansing in April and being cited for shoplifting in May, died two weeks after being found unconscious in her home
  • And Fletcher Sharpe joins us to talk about Detroit City FC’s scoreless draw over the weekend with the Michigan Stars

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