One of the things the Coronavirus pandemic has meant is that people have had to innovate and adapt to a quickly changing world.

With the aim of keeping people employed, one of those founders and companies doing that is Better Life Bags, based in the enclave of Hamtramck.

The custom bag company has grown over the years using social media and has put people to work in their local community, all the while adding to Detroit’s fabric of fashion businesses and nonprofits.

I also talk with founder Rebecca Smith about doing business at a pace that’s manageable when you have a family, which is part of the focus of her upcoming book, “A Better Life: Slowing Down to Get Ahead.”

Then I’ll update you on a couple of things you should know about around town. Including:

  • Your power bill is going up
  • Former State Senator Morris Hood has died of COVID-19
  • And baseball could be coming back July 4th.
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