The 2.5 acre Campus Martius Park is about to level up when it comes to fun.

Dropped off Wednesday night, and now under preparation for opening (we snapped some pictures today) is a new restaurant that’s a repurposed shipping container that will go next to the sandy “beach” in the middle of Campus Martius Park.


The restaurant will be called The Fountain Detroit, and replaces The Beach Bar and Grill that operated last year. The menu includes tuna tacos, pierogi, charcuterie, salads, panini and sausages.


The bar, which will be full-service, opens Friday the 27th. They’re also hiring, and if you’re looking for a job you can get in touch with them at their website.

To add to our snaps above from today, below are some photos from the Fountain Detroit Facebook page of the structure being loaded in.

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