One of the more popular brands out of Detroit as of late is “Detroit vs. Everybody,” founded by Tommey Walker, JR.

“Detroit Vs. Everybody” shirts have been on the Colbert Show, American Idol, and there’s even an Eminem track with the title. Various performers who have come through town, including Alton Brown from the Food Network, have sported the shirt as well.

Other variations available include “Flint vs. Everybody,” “Everybody vs. Autism,” “Everybody vs. Hatred,” “Everybody vs. Negativity” and many others on their online store as well as locations in Greektown and Eastern Market.


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Tommey Walker, JR posted on Instagram a photo and video of the new locale, and we’ve dropped an approximate map below which is near 12 Mile and Southfield roads. No word was shared on when it will open. This will be a third spot, adding to one in Eastern Market and one in Greektown.

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