Two historic Detroit Catholic churches are looking for the public’s help in raising money for major renovations, according to the Michigan Catholic.

St. Joseph Oratory, located near Eastern Market on Jay Street, has started a three year campaign to raise $2.5 million for a major renovation project.

The money raised would restore the church’s 200-foot steeple. The steeple was extensively damaged during a wind storm in 2015.

The steeple is not the only thing that is in need of repair. The church also needs to have stonework restored, new electric and heating systems, and a new roof for the parish rectory.    

Now, this second church is a big one.

Ste. Anne de Detroit will soon launch an $8 million campaign to help restore the French Renaissance era parish.  

The iconic church has been a part of Detroit’s history since Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded the city in 1701. There have been multiple locations for Ste. Anne Parish, but the current church has been located in Southwest Detroit since 1886.

The church plans to use $1.5 million to fix the old roof, which hasn’t had major work done on it since 1970.

In addition to the roof, the church needs work done on the plaster, stained glass windows, and outer walls of the church. The church also needs a new heating and cooling system and an updated outdoor plaza and parking lot.

There are more details and how to support them over on the Michigan Catholic.

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