Devon O'Reilly is in as he is every Friday. But today, a couple of his favorite topics are the focus. St. Patrick's Day in Detroit, the parade, and the upcoming NFL Draft in downtown.

The rundown:

02:07 - All these years the Detroit Shipping company persists and continues to be "a spot."

02:47 - Reminding people to look up the impact of Chef Max Hardy who passed away all too early this week. On Eater:

03:50 - Talking St. Patrick's Day parade and celebrations with an O'Reilly (and veteran of going down to Corktown for it)

09:24 - St. Patrick's Day food

10:56 - Green Beer: Yay or Nay?

14:43 - Devon's Horseradish bloody mary

16:37 - NFL Draft downtown Detroit map discussion

20:37 - What is Devon most excited about for the Draft

22:33 - Will we catch a Kelce at the draft?

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