Stroh’s is going to be brewed in Detroit again – and it’s going to pack a bit more punch with a higher alcohol content.

Crain’s first-reported that label approval had been given by the Department of Treasury for a version of Stroh’s that indicates it’s going to be brewed right here in Detroit (documents here).

It would be brewed at Brew Detroit on Abbot Street in the Corktown neighborhood that also does Kid Rock’s Badass Beer, Atwater Beers, and Motor City Brew Works, among others.

But if you dig a bit deeper, Detroit-made Stroh’s is also going to have a higher alcohol content than the standard on the shelves today. The Beer Buzz blog says it’ll be a re-introduction of the european-style pilsner.

That’s an indicator of a different formula – and if you look at the back label, here’s their description.

Our Master Brewer has crafted an exceptional European-style pilsner brewed in the heart of Detroit, using Saaz and Magnum hops with Vienna malt. The result is a crisp, balanced pilsner, with a floral aroma, subtle hop spice, and a rich, bready maltiness.

Standard Stroh’s is 4.4% alcohol by volume, and this edition will be 5.5%.

Although it feels good to think one of our iconic brands is going to be made here again, it also makes a lot of sense to bring something back to Detroit from a marketing perspective.

Stroh Brewery, 1864.
Stroh Brewery, 1864.
The brand of something made in Detroit is in. There’a a national interest, highlighted by the runaway success of Shinola that has also brought 350+ jobs to the city.

The last time Stroh’s was brewed here in Detroit, it was 1985. The year after the Tigers had won the World Series.

Nationally, big beer brand sales are seeing increased competition from craft brands. Anything to help a product stand out could be an advantage, especially with something that has an actual history behind it. The brewery was established in Detroit in 1850.

Stroh’s is now owned by Pabst. There’s a recent book out, “Beer Money,” that looks into the rise and fall of the family and the business – and the family still has quite a few holdings here in Detroit.

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