We know some of our fellow Detroiters love to party, so we’re throwing out there a study by Currys PC World (we’ve never heard of them before, but this isn’t serious news unless you’re going through a mid-thirties crisis) that says that 37 is the age when you’re too old to go to the club.

The survey of 5,000 adults, conducted by Currys PC World in the United Kingdom claims that (via METRO):

  • 29% adults surveyed say they can’t face the hangover next day
  • 80% feel relieved to be on the sofa when they see friends posting raucous pics on social media
  • 37% said there is “nothing more tragic” than watching people in their 40s and 50s surrounded by people in their 20s in pubs and bars
  • 14% liked to stay at home stalking people on Facebook

Now, here in Detroit, there are plenty of places to go other than the club if you want to have a good time at 37 or over. You’re never too old for a dive bar, or maybe a nice cocktail might be more your pace. And if you find the right dance event with some old househeads (house music fans), you’ll find people having a good time that might have a few gray hairs. If you’re athletic, you could do something like running. Or Slow Roll gets you out at a leisurely pace.

So when do the tables start to turn from going out to being a homebody? That’s at age 31 where people in general want to go out less. I’m not sure about that. From personal experience, I know some people in their 40s and 50s that’ll put some young guns to shame.

But specifically, to the club, what do you think? Is 37 time to pull the rip cord on the club life? Did you decide to pack in going out at 31? Leave it in the comments.

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