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Investing in Detroit's future that's already here (ft. Angelique Power)

Angelique Power heads up the Skillman Foundation and she’s a great person to talk to. When it comes to investing in Detroit, it’s often about buildings and sidewalks and infrastructure. And when we talk about talent, it’s often about attraction. But what about the ways we need to be investing in who already is here? Detroit is young, diverse, and ready to make a mark on the world. The only question is if they’re going to do it here – or somewhere else. And what do we...

Putting power in the hands of our future (ft. Angelique Power, Skillman Foundation)

Angelique Power, Logan Newman, and Mohammad Muntakim join me to talk about putting actual power in the hands of Detroit's youth and young adults. The Skillman Foundation is doing some very interesting things around this; including giving real grant making power to our youth. We discuss rank-choice voting, the media, how voting isn't enough, the importance of getting involved on a local level and more. Recorded at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island during the Mackinac Policy Conference. Thanks...

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