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Inside a Chopped victory (ft. Chef Mamba)

Chef Hamissi Mamba went on Food Network's Chopped last week and brought a win - and attention - to Detroit, the food scene, and his beloved Freedom House. Freedom House: We talk about it all on the first 2/3rd of the podcast. Then on the back side as something you should know, word comes in that the University of Michigan is taking over from Stephen Ross the development of what is now the University of Michigan Center for Innovation - near the District Detroit. Our 2...

Trying Peeps Pepsi; Baobab Fare on Chopped Tuesday; Olga's talk + more

On this Monday, we're hoping for a better week so we're talking about some fun food things around town. We try Peeps Pespi; we discuss the growth of cookie places in the area; Shianne shares her love for Olga's and their McClure's pickle collab; Baobob Fare's co-owner will be on Chopped on Food Network on Tuesday at 8pm; and we discuss some of the top bars in town by liquor sales. As always - feedback, dailydetroit - at - gmail - dot - com. Support us on Patreon:

Detroit is the best around

Busy show. Where we've been? Karl's in the Siren Hotel has the best Maurice Salad, if you want to get your retro Hudson's vibe on. Plus, Le Rouge Boulangerie in GP Park brings the bread in a big way. As to stories: East African restaurant Baobajb Fare gets a national nod from Esquire magazine for being a best new restaurant. We discuss and tell you about the food. Mike Epps is opening up a comedy spot in the old Punchbowl Social. Should be an improvement for a number of reasons. Detroit is...

Refugee Couple Wins $50k To Start Business In Detroit

On the rooftop of one of Detroit’s swankiest loft buildings – the space the party was thrown in currently is listing for $1.4 million – Hatch Detroit announced that the winner of their seventh annual contest was Baobob Fare. Baobob Fare idea is a a restaurant, market and juice bar that plans to offer  prepared menu items, groceries, juices and other retail products unique to East Africa. The people behind the idea are a married refugee couple from Burundi, Nadia Nijimbere and Hamissi Mamba...

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