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Here's What Mass Transit Across Metro Detroit Could Look Like

Since the removal of Detroit’s streetcar system in the 1950s, Detroit’s mass transit system hasn’t been the same. This video by AECOM is a look into what the future could hold for transit in metro Detroit, if a millage is passed in November to fund expanded transit in the region. The video highlights possible BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) routes that would finally connect downtown Detroit to Metro Airport, a route from Detroit to Ann Arbor, and then also up Woodward to Pontiac as well as up Gratiot...

EDITORIAL: Why Those Fantasy Detroit Transit Maps Get Us Mad (And You Should Be, Too)

Yet another fantasy Detroit transit map has come out. Following in the footsteps of other aspiring commuting enthusiasts, it has undoubtedly generated thousands of page views for the blogosphere. And it’s pretty. However, it just gets us mad. Not the design. Or the creator. Probably every single one of the creators of these maps over the years are wonderful people. They are not who we’re angry at. It’s our leadership that has for decades shared a lack of vision and the will to make anythin...

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