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Reconnecting Metro Detroit to our soul // New Buddy's, and a new bar

Norris Howard is in. 00:36 – We talk about the great feedback we got from listeners in Canton; how development happened in Metro Detroit; and part of the draw of the city of Detroit is reconnecting our region to its soul. 15:57 – A new Buddy’s is opening up in Canton 19:59 – Dan Gilbert has a new cocktail lounge, Saksey’s, opening up in the basement of Gilly’s. It’s named after the bar his father owned. Feedback as always – dailydetroit – at – gmail – dot – com or 313-789-3211 Fol...

What Downtown Detroit Is Actually Lacking Is Detroit Style Pizza

Downtown Detroit might not need any more burger joints according to the food critic of Detroit’s paper of record. He might be right. But the whole open letter from Mark Kurlyandchik got me thinking about what downtown, Midtown, and New Center is actually lacking when it comes to restaurants. I’m no seasoned food critic, just a lover of food – but I think I have an answer. Detroit style pizza. Sure there is Niki’s, but is it even that good? And that’s just one place. Pizza Papalis doesn’t...

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