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How to celebrate Champions Day

Did you know that in 1935 Detroit had the most epic year in American sports history, when it comes to winning? Champions Day is on April 18th – but on April 16th there will be a party to celebrate it. Who better to talk about it than veteran radio host and podcaster James Flanagan and author of a number of books on the subject, Charles Avison. Their podcast is here: We do this show every weekday wherever podcasts are found: You're pa...

New "City Of Champions" Shirt Released To Commemorate A Magical Year In Detroit Sports History

In 1935-36 season was a very special one for sports in Detroit. The season saw the rise of mighty Joe Louis in boxing, baseball’s Detroit Tigers winning their first World Series, football’s Detroit Lions winning their first NFL championship (this was pre-Super Bowl), and hockey’s Detroit Red Wings winning their first NHL championship. It’s a rare honor Detroit holds to have all three sports team win championships at basically the same time. To commemorate this, the Day of Champions in Mich...

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