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14 Awesome Detroit Tours You'll Love

Warm weather and sunshine is finally here. Take advantage of the lovely days ahead by planning a tour of Detroit. There’s a tour for everyone, from history buffs to natives who think they know everything there is to know about Detroit. Grab some friends, make some plans, and prepared to be impressed by the incredible stories of the past and present that make Detroit the amazing city and region it is. City Tour Detroit Ready to dive into Detroit’s storied (and sometimes ghastly) past? C...

Meet some of Detroit's finest authors at local history book fair this Saturday

Detroit is home to a wealth of influential artists across a variety of mediums, and one market that has seen a considerable boom in the last decade is literature. With books from contemporary authors covering topics from the history of the Better Made potato chip company to Detroit’s role in WWII, there seems to be no shortage of the talented and dynamic writers in Detroit. This Saturday, December 12, you’ll have the chance to explore the growing catalogue of Detroit inspired literature and...

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