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Detroit's the catalyst of everything cool (ft. Marcus Lewis)

"Detroit to me has always been the catalyst of cool, everything that's dope." Marcus Lewis is a Detroit native and founder of Full View Productions based in the city. He joins me today to talk about the benefits of making national level media right here — and how this Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year built his business on the third coast. Full view productions: Feedback: or dailydetroit -at- gmail -dot- com...

Kumbuka II Will Celebrate And Remember The Beauty Of A Culture

Celebrating Black History Month while growing up was a little lackluster for lifelong Detroiter Kaylan Waterman. Although her parents were very intentional about educating all of their children about the experiences in their African-American heritage, most of the events Waterman attended focused a lot on the pain, sorrow, injustices, and systemic oppression of black history. They lacked a celebratory element. Last year the singer-songwriter of Vespre did something about it and organized Kumbuk...

There’s a new playground coming for emerging artists to get together in Detroit

It’s sad but true. Detroit lacks a major infrastructure for the arts. Sure, there are established institutions such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Artists Market and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit: MOCAD. They are great, but some of the city’s emerging artists, designers and musicians wonder where they can come together for support, promotion and simply camaraderie? Many of them are young – in the 20s and 30s – and want to make a splash in Detroit, and they want Detroit...

10 Things White People Like In Detroit

I spent my twenties working and partying in downtown Detroit. This was before Dan Gilbert came to town and made parts of it all fancy-schmancy with “placemaking initiatives” that “leverage the assets.” I’d drink well specials at The Well, talking with my friends about what should be done to get the city out of its current funk while I learned how real life worked and where I might fit in. My days of staying out all night running around the streets of Detroit are over. I’ll let the next gener...

What Roles Did Thomas Edison & Henry Ford Have In The Sanders Chocolate Company?

Happy 140th Birthday to my favorite chocolate company, Sanders.  It was on this date in 1875 that Fred Sanders opened his first candy shop that later went on to sell ice cream and other treats.  A Detroit-based business, Sanders was one of the first companies to use electric motors which were used to run the candy machines.  These motors were built by the Edison Illuminating Company. The new technology proved to be troublesome for Fred Sanders who grew frustrated after the motors broke down....

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