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PODCAST: At The Movies With Paula And Tim Guthat Of Cinema Detroit

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dailydetroithappyhour/DD-24-Happy_hour_Cinema-Detroit_mixdown.mp3″ download=”true” social_gplus=”false” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” twitter_username=”TheDailyDetroit” ] This week Sven stopped into Cinema Detroit, downtown Detroit’s only seven day a week, first-run movie theatre. Located on Third Avenue, Cinema Detroit currently has two screens that show a variety of films from the independent to major releases like the new “De...

PODCAST: Detroit As A Travel Destination Is A Real Thing

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dailydetroithappyhour/DD-7Happy-Hour-Visiting-Detroit_mixdown.mp3″ social_gplus=”false” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” twitter_username=”TheDailyDetroit” ] For the latest episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast, we sat down with the Interactive Marketing Manager for Visit Detroit, the organization tasked with promoting the Detroit region for travel. Convention and personal travel is up in the Detroit area and there’s a li...

PODCAST: Beyond The Myths Of 8 Mile With Cindy Thomas And Anna Schroen Of The 8 Mile Boulevard Association

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dailydetroithappyhour/DD-6Happy-Hour-8Mile_mixdown.mp3″ social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” ] Subscribe for free in iTunes There’s a lot of myth around Detroit’s 8 Mile. From being featured in Eminem’s movie of the same name, to being a “border street” between the city and suburbs, there’s more nuance and more going on than people might assume along the 27 mile stretch that th...

Calvin Moore Is Leading Tours And Conversations: Ep. 3 Of The Daily Detroit Happy Hour Podcast

We’re exploring Detroit, one interesting person at a time. For this episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast, we visited Queens Bar and interviewed Calvin Moore. He’s the owner of Seven Point Two Tours as well as the host of the podcast Leading Questions with Calvin Moore. Host Sven Gustafson and Calvin touched on a variety of topics, such as what do out of town talent that companies are heavily recruiting think when they’re brought in; why complaining on Facebook wasn’t doing it anymor...

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