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Crowdfunding: Authors For New Belle Isle Book Looking For Your Help For Photographers

Belle Isle is one of those magical places in Detroit that people flock to, but they might not know all of the cool historical facts about the monuments and landmarks on the island. This is where Dan Austin and historian Lori Feret come in. They are working on a new book about the stories about these monuments and landmarks in a new book that will be published by Wayne State University Press. The book will incorporate photos from area photographers to showcase the beauty of Belle Isle. In fac...

"Greetings From Detroit: Historic Postcards of the Motor City" Now Available For Pre-Order

Dan Austin is the man when it comes to history around Detroit. He has had a set of successful books (Lost Detroit, the Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit, etc.) and based on his excellent track record I’m excited that he has a new book coming out called “Greetings from Detroit: Historic Postcards of the Motor City.” If you are a fan of books about Detroit and vintage postcards, then this book is for you. And, from the looks of it, the book for me. Austin’s newest book features over 230 histori...

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