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New Construction Training Program Coming For Detroit Residents

There seems to be an influx of construction projects in Detroit now days. It seems like we are getting multiple announcements for new projects every week. In order to meet the demand of these jobs the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) has developed a program to train Detroiters in fundamental math, reading, and work readiness skills that are connected to jobs in the construction industry. “Detroit is experiencing a real construction boom that is bringing with it a lot of well-p...

Viral Image For "New Red Wings Stadium" Jobs Is Misleading Job Seekers, Here's Where To Go

Detroiters need jobs, and so messing with them and directing them to the wrong place for “13 weeks of training” and “$35 an hour” is at best a very unfortunate mistake and at worst, cruel. We don’t know the original source of this image, but here’s the right information. The District Detroit has partnered with the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC). DESC is the is the administrative and fiscal agent for workforce solutions for the City of Detroit. They’re the ones actually handlin...

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