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Your City 5: Things to do in Detroit for the weekend of December 16-18

I know that technically winter doesn’t start until December 21, however it seems that the freezing temperature and snow has finally decided to grace us with it’s presents. Frankly, I’m already ready for spring. There is only one week left before Christmas, and if you’re like me you’re probably scrambling to get everything together. So what can you expect this weekend for events? There’s some shopping, lots of buses, alcohol, and kids wearing gloves (boxing gloves that is). Merry & Bright:...

PODCAST: ComiqueCon, The Detroit Bus Company And Folkteller On IT In The D

Ed. Note: IT in the D is one of Detroit’s most-listened podcasts with more than 150,000 downloads an episode (and counting!). The networking group, after being in existence for years, started this podcast. It’s funny, we’re regular guests, and they do a neat job of highlighting what’s going on with admittedly a geeky flavor. You will find them in our Podcasts category going forward. Here’s Dave with the description. Episode 81 of our weekly broadcast is in the rear view mirror, and it was d...

These Kids Are Getting A Safe Ride Today, But That's In Danger Of Ending March 31

Detroit being Detroit, there are almost always challenges. However, the Youth Transit Alliance is one of the ones trying to break the cycle of despair in the D for our children. If you don’t know the YTA, this program is important in that it connects children in the city to after school programs. You’ve heard us go on and on about how there are some huge gaps. 39% of households don’t have internet. A very high percentage don’t have cars. Well, here’s a chance to do something, if even in a smal...

10 Tours In Metro Detroit You'll Love

While we’re big fans of what to some may seem crazy adventures (such as kayaking in Detroit’s canals.. or spending time in the outdoors of Alaska or hung out of a helicopter) it’s always worthwhile to catch a local tour or two. You can learn from the best storytellers, historians and local Detroiters while exploring the city in a new way. There’s always more to learn about Detroit. With the tours below, they give you the scoop and a larger piece of Detroit’s story we can’t always cover. Check...

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