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Stranded at the stop: Metro Detroit's bus driver shortage crisis (ft. Megan Owens, TRU)

Today we focus on one topic – Metro Detroit’s bus driver shortage. It’s at crisis levels, with some of the worst on-time performance in the country between Detroit’s Department of Transportation and SMART. The issue? A lack of bus drivers, leaving thousands of people stranded or late regularly. Since the pandemic, it’s been very hard to attract and keep bus drivers, and service hasn’t been the same since 2019. This shortage is due in large part, according to a new report from Transpo...

Service Changes Coming To Detroit Buses, And There’s Still Time To Have Your Say

The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) has a set of upcoming service changes coming April 23, 2016, but before then there will be three workshops and two public hearings to, according to city officials, get more input from residents. “We implemented these new Community Input Workshops during our last schedule change and found it very helpful with service development,” says Dan Dirks, DDOT director in a statement. “Some of the decisions we made in January were heavily based on feedback...

EDITORIAL: Why Those Fantasy Detroit Transit Maps Get Us Mad (And You Should Be, Too)

Yet another fantasy Detroit transit map has come out. Following in the footsteps of other aspiring commuting enthusiasts, it has undoubtedly generated thousands of page views for the blogosphere. And it’s pretty. However, it just gets us mad. Not the design. Or the creator. Probably every single one of the creators of these maps over the years are wonderful people. They are not who we’re angry at. It’s our leadership that has for decades shared a lack of vision and the will to make anythin...

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