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Detroit's transportation future will be shared and sustainable (ft. Tim Slusser)

We’re very used to the idea of the single-owner car being the center of everything Detroit, from our streets to our industries. But the city government is taking things in a different direction as it looks to the future.   Detroit’s Chief Mobility Officer Tim Slusser joins the podcast today. In his role, he works to remove local barriers and make the City of Detroit the ideal location for companies to deploy, neighborhoods to contribute, and new mobility technologies to achieve sustainab...

Detroit's Bus Service To Gain 1,500 Trips A Week And Get More 24 Hour Lines, Says Mayor

In the Motor City, depending on who is doing the estimate, between 26% and a third of households do not own a car in the city of Detroit. That’s roughly the same percentage as Chicago or San Francisco – but we obviously don’t have the same transportation infrastructure. Here in Detroit our comparably lackluster system often locks people into poverty as they reasonably can’t get to or from work without a car. So what happens to transportation – especially the Detroit Department of Transportat...

Deal Reached: The People Will Get To Vote On Detroit Regional Transit

We don’t know specifics yet, but multiple sources say there is finally a deal to put regional mass transit before the voters of Wayne, Washtenaw, Oakland and Macomb counties. The mayor of the city of Detroit, sources close to the RTA as well as a major Detroit paper are saying that there has been a deal reached to get a proposal for funding the Regional Transit Authority through a millage on the November ballot after a meeting at the historic Detroit Athletic Club. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan...

"15 Minutes Or Better" Aims To Bring Together And Educate Detroiters About Benefits Of Mass Transit

Mass Transit is a foreign concept to most metro Detroiters. The “15 Minutes or Better” project is aiming to change that. Younger people across the nation are clamoring for mass transit, and voting with their feet by moving to where they can take a streetcar, light rail, or other transit options other than driving their own car–the Motor City is no exception. Part of the hot real estate market in the central core of the city is in anticipation of the new M1 Rail streetcar. The reality is that...

EDITORIAL: Why Those Fantasy Detroit Transit Maps Get Us Mad (And You Should Be, Too)

Yet another fantasy Detroit transit map has come out. Following in the footsteps of other aspiring commuting enthusiasts, it has undoubtedly generated thousands of page views for the blogosphere. And it’s pretty. However, it just gets us mad. Not the design. Or the creator. Probably every single one of the creators of these maps over the years are wonderful people. They are not who we’re angry at. It’s our leadership that has for decades shared a lack of vision and the will to make anythin...

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