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Barat House Bites The Dust, Demolished By DIA For Parking Lot

An example of mid-century architecture and former home of psychiatric services to troubled girls behind the Detroit Institute of Arts is being demolished. The work at The Barat House at John R. and Frederick began over the weekend, with construction equipment making quick work of the two-story structure that was built by the League of Catholic Women in 1961. The demolition has raised the heckles of some in the preservation community, as the Barat House was designed by Robert Harter Snyder, a...

Café Con Leche Returns To Southwest Detroit For Special Event As Part Of Bitter|Sweet: Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Exhibition

For many people coffee is more than just a hot beverage. It’s a way of life. Have you ever wondered about the farmers who grow your coffee beans? The owners of Café Con Leche, Jordi Carbonell and Melissa Fernandez, as well as a barista, went down to Oaxaca, Mexico to do just that. During the trip, local artist Lisa Luevanos documented the trip. They interviewed farmers who are part of a cooperative in their community. The community hold their coffee to a high standard. “I was struck by how i...

Detroit Institute Of Arts Promotes From Within For Their New Director

The changing season also brings a change at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) today. The museum has named Salvador Salort-Pons, an internationally respected curator and scholar as its new director, president, and CEO effective October 15, 2015. Since 2011, Salort-Pons, a Madrid native, has served as the DIA’s European Art Department, and in 2013, he became the museum’s executive director of collection strategies and information. He also serves as the Elizabeth and Allan Shelden Curator...

FYI: Putting The DIA And Coneys Together Makes The Best Art Ever

In 2006, a (then) twelve-year-old boy made headlines when he stuck a gooey glob of Wrigley’s Extra Polar Ice on Helen Frankenthaler’s The Bay, which the Detroit Institute of Arts valued at $1.5 million. The gum left a stain. The Bay, ironically, looks like a polar blue stain, too. I like to imagine the boy still holds the record of “Coolest Kid Ever,” much to the chagrin of his embarrassed square-as-hell parents. He is most likely about 21-years-old now, so to all the bartenders reading t...

Diego And Kahlo Will Be A "Must Go" For Art Lovers

If you have spent time in the Rivera Court of the Detroit Institute of Arts and wanted to learn more about the history behind the pair of people behind the mural, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, this is the show for you. The DIA has been working on an exhibition of Rivera and Kahlo’s time in Detroit. It opens on March 15 and will run through July 12, 2015. The exhibition might be in a month and a half, but because this will be a very popular exhibition the DIA is suggesting people purchase their...

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