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Check Out What The Inside Of Dilla's Delights Detroit Doughnut Shop Is Going To Look Like

Dilla is a legendary name in Detroit, and as we’ve reported before, Dilla’s Delights are coming. Now, you can start visually salivating on these renderings of Dilla’s Delights’ first brick and mortar doughnut shop on 242 John R. inside The Ashley building. Anticipation has been high for this downtown establishment, and the designs look as delicious as the brand’s Rosemary Potato doughnut stuffed with garlic goat cheese found at Red Hook Detroit, Alley Taco, Rubbed, Café Con Leche, and Goo...

Dilla's Delights Are Detroit's Doughnuts

For all the Detroit foodies hungry for a food adventure, try as many Dilla’s Delights doughnut flavors as you can in a single day. These doughnuts are a common denominator that tie together some of Detroit’s neighborhoods. In Midtown, home to the erudite Detroit Institute of Arts and Wayne State University, doughnuts are found at Alley Taco, part convenience store and Mexican food stand, and Goodwell’s Market, the local organic grocery store where live music and chess games are played for thos...

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