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How we're dining and drinking in 2023 (ft. Mickey Lyons)

Author and journalist Mickey Lyons is one of the people you want to know if you want your finger on the pulse of drinking, dining and merriment in Detroit. She’s our guest today and we talk about the changed landscape, new trends, and more in Southeast Michigan.    Feedback as always – dailydetroit – at – gmail – dot – com or 313-789-3211 Follow us on Apple Podcasts: https://lnk.to/dailydetroitonapple  Or Spotify: https://lnk.to/dailydetroitonspotify  Thanks to our members: http:...

19 Awesome Detroit Dive Bars You're Going To Want To Visit

Bitters and swizzle sticks are infiltrating our drinking scene as craft cocktails are all the rage as of late. And that’s all well and good, but for our money there’s still nothing that can beat a great dive bar. A dive bar that gets you a Stroh’s, a shot of whiskey and good conversation that costs you $20 for the round with a few friends instead of $20 for one drink – and the stories that come from these places are priceless. Many of these dive bars have stood the test of time and have more...

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