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Eastern Market building saved // Doubts on big Detroit U of M project // Historic church demolished

Friend of the podcast Robin Runyan from Urbanize Detroit joins us to talk all things development – and a little Miguel Cabrera. 02:40 – The building with a collapsed wall at Russell and Winder will be saved, and the businesses will be able to get their stuff out – which is huge and may save some of them. 04:20 – East Warren has a series of developments happening. We discuss a lot of what’s going on: https://detroit.urbanize.city/post/looking-ahead-new-businesses-and-development-east-warr...

The Alger Theater Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Build Community Space

Detroiters are no strangers to seeing former jewels of the city come crashing to the ground, or simply fade into obscurity and fall apart. One of the shining examples of this narrative is the Alger Theater, located at 16451 East Warren Avenue in the MorningSide neighborhood of Detroit. We reported several months ago that the theater was hosting a brew and view to help raise funds to renovate the space. Well, while that event was a success, the Friends of The Alger are ramping up for another...

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