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Does sign stealing even matter? // Lions MNF win // EMU gift

Today’s show is in four parts. First, we quickly talk about EMU Alumni Maxx Crosby’s gift to their athletic department. Second, the Lions won on Monday Night against the Las Vegas Raiders. Somebody needs to sign that woman who caught Jahmyr Gibbs! Third, does sign stealing even matter in football? Fletcher brings a players perspective to a controversy that has a lot of people hot and bothered. And finally, Detroit City FC ends their season with a 4-0 loss to Louisville City. What kin...

Should Lions replace turf?; Emoni Bates + Antoine Davis watch; DCFC offseason update

Today on your Daily Detroit podcast with Fletcher Sharpe: 01:21 - A recent article says the Lions have a playoff chance, we discuss; Plus the NFLPA is pushing the Lions and other teams with artificial turf to replace it because of safety issues. 10:46 - We're watching both Emoni Bates at Eastern and Antoine Davis at UDM Mercy for standout college hoops performances locally 16:57 - A bit of a Detroit City FC offseason update as they say goodbye to four players, most of whom were on loan. Fletc...

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