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LISTEN: Michigan's Blue Wave & Legal Marijuana, Explained

It was a big Election Day here in Michigan, where the much-discussed “blue wave” helped sweep Democrats — all of them women — into the top statewide elected offices. A fourth, Debbie Stabenow, survived a closer-than-expected battle to win re-election to the U.S. Senate. We’re devoting today’s episode 100 percent to post-election results and analysis. Occasional host and Daily Detroit spirits advisor Nuri Gocay joins Jer and I to break down the results. He also talks about his experienc...

Duggan & Young Jr. Advance In Mayoral Primary, Surprises Down The City Ballot

The City of Detroit’s August primary contained some surprises for the pollster and pundits. Detroit Mayor In a mayoral race that many analysts believed will be close, early indications aren’t good going into the general election for challenger Coleman Young, Jr. Incumbent Detroit mayor Mike Duggan has received 69% of the vote compared to second place Coleman Young, Jr. with 29%. No other candidate received more than 1% of the vote. Last we checked, a 2-1 margin isn’t a close race, and i...

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