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Will we dissolve (or save!) Michigan's small cities?

Highland Park is, again, on the brink of bankruptcy. This time, over water bills. Eric Lupher, president of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, joins us to talk about the plight of Highland Park and a number of small cities in Michigan that just aren't big enough to provide a full set of services - and what to do about them. Reading material: You're part of this conversation! Feedback as always - dailydetro...

What Michigan's 3 Ballot Proposals Do (ft. Eric Lupher)

Today's show dives into the policy particulars of what Michigan's three constitutional amendment ballot proposals actually do. With the election just a couple of weeks away, what I've learned is most of you are real set on who you're going to vote for - but not what. Eric Lupher, president of the non-partisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan joins me to unpack them. Proposal 22-1, Term Limit Reform and Financial Disclosure: 04:08 Proposal 22-2, Promote the Vote 2022:...

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