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Finding Neverland Asks "When Did You Stop Playing?"

As we age, it is only natural to grow in maturity – at least for most of us. Sometimes as we mature, our sense of playfulness fades or can be lost in the madness of work and responsibilities. Finding Neverland, the theatrical musical based on the Academy Award-winning Miramax motion picture by David Magee, and the play The Man Who Was Peter Pan by Allan Knee, is a timeless story about the power of imagination and begs the question… When did you stop playing? J.M. Barrie, played fantastical...

Detroit Zoo gets a new eco-friendly parking lot, adding 215 spaces

Parking lots usually create a lot of water runoff that has to be then treated by sewage systems. However, the Detroit Zoo has built a new parking lot made out of “permeable pavement,” which reduces storm water runoff and filters pollutants. Permeable pavement allows for the natural absorption of water beneath the surface, prevents excess storm water from damaging sewer systems, and minimizes underground pollutants. This practice was first implemented at the Zoo in 2015 with the construction of...

Governor Sets New Goals For More Energy From Renewables, Less From Coal In Michigan

Michigan must set attainable energy goals and look towards renewable energy sources to keep energy prices down and avoid widespread outages, said Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in a special message on energy today. The state’s new goal is to get 30 to 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources and reduced waste by 2025. “Decisions we make in the coming years will keep energy more affordable and available through a variety of sources while we continue being good stewards of our lakes, air...

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