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What is populism, really? (ft. Steve Babson)

What is populism, anyway? There’s a lot of talk about populists and the concept of populism in today’s political discourse but little talk about what the roots are and what it actually means. Author and labor educator Steve Babson joined me in the studio to discuss his book, “Forgotten Populists: When farmers turned left to save democracy.” This conversation hits a number of points: 03:29 – Populism as an alternative to capitalism 05:40 – One of the most notable populists was legend...

The Best Mayor In Detroit’s History And “Idol of the People” Deserves More Recognition

The city of Detroit is rife with nods and tributes to ghosts of its past, legendary and sometimes infamous individuals who have helped shape the city for hundreds of years. Names like Woodward, Lodge, Fisher, and Cass are so synonymous with the thoroughfares and buildings they represent that many people don’t even associate the names with the actual individuals they represent. However, one name that doesn’t appear on any major road signs or building facades is that of a man who may be the grea...

Legendary Former Detroit Mayor Gets A Bourbon Whiskey Named After Him

He, by some accounts, was Detroit’s best mayor. An “Idol of the People.” Regardless if you think he was the best, Mayor Hazen Pingree was legendary. “Potato Patch Pingree” not only encouraged people to grow their own food to get through a crisis, but is also known for engaging in visibly national battles with Detroit’s streetcar, gas, electric, and telephone companies, which were considered monopolies. These crusades resulted in rate reductions that earned him widespread popularity and helped...

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