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Dear Ilitches: Nobody Moves To Detroit For The Surface Parking Lots

When it comes to planning our city, we had hoped developers might have learned a lesson after the demolition spree of the last few decades, where building after building was torn down for surface parking lots. After all, Dan Gilbert (and a host of other developers, large and small) have clearly shown that people want to be part of re-using historic structures, whether for locating their office there or making the place their new home. It seems that message hasn’t made it to the offices of th...

Detroit's Historic East Side Jefferson-Chalmers Neighborhood Gets National Treasure Status

Today was a good day in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood of Detroit. The east side neighborhood, situated just before the Grosse Pointe Border, the Detroit river, and Jefferson Avenue, was named one of the United States National Treasures from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This is the first National Treasure site in Detroit and in the state of Michigan. It is also the first time that an entire neighborhood has been given this status. The National Trust has also announced a...

LOOK: The David Whitney Building Is Kind Of Amazing

You’re going to want to see this. It has taken $92 million and countless hours of effort, but the historic David Whitney Building is back in action after sitting dark since 2000. Yesterday, the facade was lit and the beauty of the 1915 skyscraper showed through. There’s been a new cornice installed, and we got to peek not just at the outside but the inside of the glorious lobby and two of the establishments downstairs, including the WXYZ bar (and we can’t help but wonder if the ghost of Bill B...

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