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Power Outage Update: 340,000 Customers Still Out, Map Of Warming Centers

New information from DTE Energy says that they’re making progress at restoring people’s power. It is expected, according to a press event hosted by DTE, that 75 percent of customers will see their power return by the end of the day today. More than 3,500 people have been deployed to deal with the effects of the storm. This includes 1,500 line workers, 950 who are from out of state as well as 1,000 tree trimmers, 250 from out of state. 340,000 DTE Energy customers are out currently. When...

600,000+ In Region Without Power, Metro Airport Records 68 MPH Winds

To state the obvious, it’s been windy here in Metro Detroit today. But just how windy has it been? And what are the impacts? The National Weather Service has been recording 24-hour peak winds and as of a couple of hours ago, Detroit Metro Airport topped out the reports at a whopping 68 miles per hour. Readings in Pontiac, St. Clair Shores and City Airport hit 61 MPH as of 8:14 p.m. “…The severity of the windstorm has exceeded all of our forecasts and it’s impacted over 600,000 of our DTE Ene...

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