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Riverfront Conservancy CFO being investigated // Detroit sues over Census count // One of the most beautiful restaurants in America

Norris Howard is in for an episode full of stories that didn't exist less than 24 hours ago. 00:38 - The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy CFO is put on leave over allegations of financial mismanagement, including a call for criminal charges. We discuss, as the Riverfront has been one of those organizations that has kept going through lots of hardships in the city. Crain's Detroit - Det...

Fear Of Second Giant Sinkhole In Macomb County Leads To Emergency Sewer Repair

Three quarters of a mile of large, 11-foot sewer interceptor under 15 Mile road was found to be in imminent danger of collapse, according to Macomb County Public Works office. This is a section of pipe immediately east of the sinkhole on 15 Mile Road that developed on Christmas Eve of 2016. To keep that portion of sewer line that serves half a million Macomb residents from meeting the same fate as one that created a giant sinkhole less than a year ago, construction crews in Fraser are taking...

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