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RIP Boston Market // Hello Mad Nice + Scooters // Detroit named top travel spot

Today is tree lighting day in Detroit! Thousands will be in Campus Martius as the holidays really kick off. Today’s show is full of what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit. 02:59 – Devon O’Reilly went to the new Mad Nice goods, and has a report  06:04 – Could the beloved Lady of the House be returning? 06:55 – Scooter’s Coffee opens a third location in the area, this time on Telegraph. Hadn’t been, so checked it out. 08:50 – We learn about Devon’s love for Boston Market mac a...

Meet Mad Nice // Castalia celebrates 5 years // Power lunch returns?

Happy Friday! Devon O'Reilly joins us to talk about his trip to Mad Nice. Jer highlights a place across the street but celebrating five years, the basement cocktail bar Castalia at Sfumato. Devon makes a case for the return of the power lunch and highlights downtown Detroit's shifting restaurant scene where high end rules the day. Jer asks why we keep comparing nice restaurants in Detroit to other cities. Can't Detroit just have, you know, a nice place without it being said it's like New York o...

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