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Riverside Park Improvements In Southwest Detroit To Get Underway Two Years Early

A year and a half ago, a land swap agreement was reached between the city of Detroit and the Detroit International Bridge Company to expand riverside park in exchange for land under and next to the current Ambassador Bridge. In the deal, there were to be new windows put on Michigan Central Station (which happened) as well as commitment to demolish the former Detroit News Warehouse by late 2018 and to transfer a 5-acre waterfront parcel to the city to expand Riverside Park. Today, Detroit May...

Could Canada Be Looking At Buying The Ambassador Bridge?

A Windsor Star columnist is saying that there’s a recommendation by Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority chairman Dwight Duncan to investigate Canada buying the aging, 89-year old Ambassador Bridge, currently owned by Matty Maroun. The billionaire not only controls the bridge, but large swaths of land on either side. There are streets in Canada – most notably Indian Road – that now sit with rows of vacant homes, emptied by Matty’s expansion plans as he has continued to push for building his own se...

LOOK: Close-Up On Michigan Central Station's New Windows

Recently, more windows have appeared near the top of the historic Michigan Central Station. More than 1,000 have been promised for a long time, but some of them are finally here. We snapped some shots earlier today. Today is the eve of a vote in front of the Detroit City Council in regard to a land swap deal of park land next to the Ambassador Bridge that’s controversial to many who live in the area. A little background on Michigan Central Station. The building is on the National Regis...

Michigan Central Station To Get More Than 1,000 New Windows

It looks like there may be progress ahead on one of Detroit’s most iconic eyesores. Michigan Central Station, closed since 1988, has become a windowless hulk overlooking a burgeoning Corktown neighborhood. Whereas in the past windows would randomly appear, this news comes from a release from St. Clair-based Chamberlain Glass & Metal Inc. that tells of the plans. However, as often the case with Maroun projects, there is no cost shared or timetable given. The contractor and building owner have...

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