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Strathmore Hotel Built In 1924 To Come Back To Life, 40% Of Units To Be Affordable

For more than a decade, the Strathmore Hotel on West Alexandrine has sat empty. Around it, Midtown has started to flourish. Great Lakes Coffee is across the street. On the same block is the Union Street restaurant, and within steps is the heart of a revitalized midtown. The vacant eight story structure has watched all of this happen around it, and its now time for the Strathmore Hotel to come back thanks to a public-private partnership between Midtown Inc. and McCormack Baron Salazar based in...

Moribund Corner Park To Get A New $250,000 Lease On Life

The Midtown neighborhood of Detroit is changing rapidly. We’re hearing that Midtown Inc., the non-profit development engine behind much of the resurgence in the neighborhood, is dropping $250,000 into a park next to Selden Standard (you can catch our review here). Redmond Plaza is at the corner of Selden and Second and steps away not just from Selden Standard but new housing and the well-known Honest?Johns. It’s also a neighborhood in transition. The plan is to add electricity, repair lights a...

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