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Detroit Has The Second Highest Residential Property Taxes In The Nation, Says Study

If you’re a Detroit homeowner, you might get the feeling that you’re paying through your nose for your property taxes. That feeling has been validated (more or less) in a report released by The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study, produced in partnership with the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence, tracks the effective tax rate, the tax payment as a percentage of market value, for residential, commercial, industrial, and apartment properties in more...

Detroit’s Catch 22: Should Detroit Extend NEZ Tax Breaks?

The City of Detroit has found itself between a rock and hard place, and whatever solution it chooses is bound to anger at least one side of the debate. The question at hand is should Detroit extend tax breaks under its Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) program? The NEZ started more than 20 years ago as a way to help revitalize run-down communities in the city. There are three different programs under the larger NEZ umbrella, and they all give homeowners or condo owners in Detroit substantial...

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