New hotels in Detroit2

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Hart Plaza fountain will be fixed // New tower tour // RenCen deal

Robin Runyan from Urbanize Detroit hops into the studio, and we’re talking Detroit development. 00:33 – We both took a tour of the new Residences of Water Square. They’re on the higher end of the market, and received no incentives for development. And there are already early signs for demand. This project is also interesting as it’s in an area about to be really built out. Soon to be steps from the new West Riverfront Park, a redone set of roads and a convention hotel; but today, it’s con...

Hotels on the way + Detroit development in 2023 (ft. Robin Runyan)

What do we have to look forward to as far as development in 2023? Hotels, for one thing. Plus a whole lot more. Robin Runyan is back from Urbanize Detroit to discuss what's ahead. More: Take our newsletter survey: Support our work: As a member: One-time: Feedback: o...

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