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Retro Motor City: Check Out Detroit's Talking Police Car From 1936

Imagine a 1930s police car with a ridiculously sized horn on top, politely but firmly giving orders on Detroit’s streets. Well, that was Detroit’s “Voice of Safety,” or their talking police car that’s featured in this neat retro film clip. There are some cool scenes of downtown Detroit in the video as well. The “Talking Police Car” (an officer, of course, was doing the talking) was a plan to lessen the amount of tickets written while educating the public. It feels like this would be useful...

A Ghost Story From Detroit's Past You've Probably Never Heard

Detroit’s history is full of bizarre stories and fascinating characters, yet many of the strangest still lurk in the faded clippings of old newspapers, lost amid the forgotten of pile media rubble. One such story is that of Thomas Lynn Bradford. A Detroit resident in the early 1900s, Bradford was an interesting character. Professionally, he was something of a job hopper, spending time as an electrical engineer, professional athlete, and even as an actor. Toward the end of his life, though, B...

WATCH: The Metro Detroit Of 64 Years Ago In Three And A Half Minutes

In the 1950s, Detroit was a different place. The city started the decade with more than 1.8 million people. Our “Arsenal of Democracy” had just won World War II. This video making the rounds by YouTuber bconngemini shows glimpses of that city years ago. That said, there are plenty of scenes you could recognize today. The building now known as the Qube with the David Stott in the background, the Yamasaki ponds at Wayne State University, the Belle Isle Conservatory and others. Do you have any...

View the stark contrast of Detroit's modern day Parking Lot-A-Palooza compared to 1933

The other day while doing errands we were reminded of just how much the sea of surface parking lots in Downtown Detroit look like blight. Although there are some plans for parts of these spaces, and a few have cleaned up their visual act, there still will be a plethora of inefficient and ugly surface parking lots that don’t add character to the landscape of the city. Their inconsistent pricing and the false feeling of security (we’ve had multiple cops tell us the best place to park in the Centra...

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