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An Inside Look At Parker Street Market's Expansion In West Village

As of late, many of Detroit’s developments have been “big” – a new Lawrence Tech building, the Whole Foods, multiple square blocks of Brush Park, and the new Red Wings arena. But the fun – and the signs of real life – are in the small. To that end, Parker Street Market, the hidden West Village corner store adored by Detroit foodies, has only been on the scene a little more than a year, but it is already expanding 700 sq. ft. by the end of the summer. This will at least triple 1the store’s...

5 Cool Grocery Stores In Detroit

With its vast expanses of land, and an abundance of liquor stores that don’t serve fresh produce or other healthy options, Detroit has oft been criticized as a food desert in recent years.  However, driving around the city, I’ve found that it’s not. And numbers don’t lie. Think tank Data Driven Detroit has verified as of June 2014, there are 76 full-line Detroit grocery stores. Detroit is 142.9 sq. miles. You can look at it like a grocery store every two miles. That does not sound like a food...

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