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The Detroit Policy Conference Is The Can’t Miss Event To Talk About The Future Of Our Region

Each year Detroit hosts countless conferences, gatherings, and events that cover a wide array of topics and cater to variety of audiences. However, in terms of scale, relevance, and local “star power” there is perhaps none bigger than the Detroit Policy Conference put on each year by the Detroit Regional Chamber. The conference brings together more than 700 individuals from the business, government, and civic realms to inform and inspire the growing community of doers and change makers in th...

10 Things To Know About Governor Snyder’s Plan To Reform Schools In Detroit

The plan revealed during last week by Governor Snyder to overhaul education in Detroit is complicated. There are a lot of heated emotions around it because it’s ambitious and controversial. The fact is that Detroit Public Schools have accumulated $483 million in debt. Also, the state has had control of the Detroit Public Schools for the last 15 years. Academic achievement in the city – Charters and DPS – is on the whole abysmal compared to the rest of the state and students are fleeing in drov...

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