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The Story Of Michigan's Almost Forgotten First Commercial Airport, Packard Field

When you drive down Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, there’s a monument just past Frazho road that would be very easy to miss. After all, it’s painted green – the same as the surrounding bushes. An important piece of Detroit area history was erased by a strip mall with the “greatest ratio” of parking to store area in the nation as a selling point in 1954. That historic place ties in not only aviation, but one of Detroit’s iconic and long gone manufacturers, Packard. That place is Michigan’s...

New Maps Show 20 Years Of Racial Change In Metro Detroit In Sharp Detail

One of the things that the racial makeup of the Detroit region has done consistently over the last couple decades is change. Block by block, Metro Detroit as a whole has seen tremendous change in the time from 1990-2010. But what does that actually look like? Previous maps that relied on census data only let us get down to 3 kilometer chunks, or a little more than a square mile. However, new maps by a University of Cincinnati geography professor are the most detailed map of racial diversity...

Southern Macomb County Has Lost Its Trees. Green Macomb Is Working To Help Bring Them Back.

According to SEMCOG (The Southeast Michigan Council Of Governments), large parts of Macomb County are a lot less green that they used to be. That’s due to, according to the organization, decades of loss from Dutch Elm Disease, the devastation created by the emerald ash borer, and efforts to improve in-ground infrastructure and roadways. Trees have a lot of benefits. They include reducing water runoff from storms, absorbing carbon dioxide, as well as being a natural air conditioner and sou...

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