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Pair Of Bicyclist Abduction & Assault Incidents In Detroit Raise Safety Questions

Two abductions of females on bicycles has the community talking and wondering what to do to keep safe on Detroit’s streets. Detroit’s bicycling community is seeing strong gains, between more bicyclists on the road and they city’s focus on bike sharing and protected bike lanes. But two incidents raise questions about being protected from a personal safety perspective. Both incidents occurred less than a mile from the Russell Industrial Center. First, there was an abduction on Saturday, Sept...

Angels' Night 2015 Is Seeking Volunteers

Fall in Michigan means a lot of things – fancy looking leaves, crisp blue skies, hot apple cider, and of course, Halloween. And while Halloween can be a fun time for families all across metro Detroit, it also presents the potential for some unsafe conditions in the city itself – historically, a dramatic increase in arson activity. Back in the 1980s, hundreds of fires would occur during the three day period, and the span of days earned the nickname “Devils Night.” Recently, fire numbers have...

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