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Detroit has picked up the pace

Detroit has picked up the pace - and it seems like the city is starting to get back to that "buzz" of new things on a regular basis. Devon O'Reilly is in and we talk about a bunch of new restaurants, developments and things around Detroit: 00:47 - Where Devon's been: Previewing Vollmers in the old Park Bar space. It's a bar, and aims to be great at being a bar with some food. 06:46 - The Spanish-inspired Leña is opening in Brush Park, Devon has already been inside. 10:08 - Jer shares that at...

Taylor Swift coming to Detroit; A Sus announcement in Highland Park; Detroit restaurants won't get color grades

Four things: Taylor Swift is coming to Detroit, and apparently we should talk about it. An announcement for an anonymous donor supposedly dropping $10 billion seems to be missing steak and sizzle. Sure, anything *could* happen, but we share the multiple reasons why it feels suspect. A proposed ordinance in to put color grades in Detroit restaurant windows has failed, with strong business pressure against it. Amazon is delaying the opening of their Detroit facility on the old State Fairground...

The First Metro Detroit Home Expo Is This Saturday, May 21

Metro Detroit’s first annual Home Expo Presented by Rehabbed & Ready will be held on Saturday, May 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse (20601 Ralston Street) at the State Fairgrounds on 8 Mile Road. The event will bring the local home improvement and decor industry under one roof to connect with homeowners, building owners, and investors working to improve their houses. However, that’s not all that’s going on at this home expo. The event will also be a place for small businesses...

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