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VIDEO: CNN Profiles Detroit's Tiny Houses And The Second Chance They Can Give

A development that has caught national attention like few others has been the tiny houses created by Cass Community Social Services. We have written them up before here when they were first announced as well as were the first to spot the additional construction of what seems to be a popular program. The idea is that the small homes that rent for about $1 a square foot per month provide an option for independence and eventually home ownership in a city where rising rents are becoming a real t...

Six More Tiny Homes Appear In Detroit's Dexter-Linwood Neighborhood

Last year, we told you about the completion of a tiny house built by the nonprofit Cass Community Social Services. They’ve been busy building their next six homes, under construction now and scheduled to be complete in the fall. The homes are located just off of Woodrow Wilson south of Glendale on Monterey, near the Highland Park/Detroit border. As we wrote about last year, they’re designed to serve low income people. Rent for the homes is based off the square footage of each home. If some...

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