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Fallen Trees To Be Removed By Helicopter From Belle Isle To Control Oak Wilt

A rare flatwoods forest on Belle Isle is in danger due to Oak Wilt, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources along with the Belle Isle Conservancy is undertaking a four-phase project to control the fungus. A helicopter is going to be used to transport felled logs out of a sensitive habitat area at Belle Isle Park. This measure is being done to prevent damage caused by heavy equipment to the rare forest. The helicopter will transport felled logs to a staging area on the island. The wo...

Southern Macomb County Has Lost Its Trees. Green Macomb Is Working To Help Bring Them Back.

According to SEMCOG (The Southeast Michigan Council Of Governments), large parts of Macomb County are a lot less green that they used to be. That’s due to, according to the organization, decades of loss from Dutch Elm Disease, the devastation created by the emerald ash borer, and efforts to improve in-ground infrastructure and roadways. Trees have a lot of benefits. They include reducing water runoff from storms, absorbing carbon dioxide, as well as being a natural air conditioner and sou...

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